Linbrook School

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At Linbrook, we support movement-based practices and diverse learning styles.

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Linbrook is the perfect place for boys to learn and play.

Our School


To support movement-based practices and diverse learning styles, our large classrooms offer a variety of workspaces, including shared work centres, stand-up tables, beanbag chairs and individual study areas. In addition, our unique outdoor learning centre is designed to offer students an inviting place to work outside; within a quiet green space, our boys enthusiastically compose, create and collaborate. Additionally, our expansive property includes custom-built playgrounds, two sports fields and a baseball diamond to enhance our athletic program.

Linkbrook Athletics

Beyond the Classroom

We recognize that every boy has his own special skills; athletes, musicians, performers, artists, writers and humanitarians will all have opportunities to shine at Linbrook. To support a diverse group of talented young men, we offer a dynamic intramural program, competitive sports teams and a wide array of extra-curricular clubs and programs that extend beyond the regular school day.  Linbrook teachers, as well as several community partners, will enthusiastically provide these additional opportunities for our boys.  After all, kindling spirits is as important as inspiring minds.

It Takes a Village

Together, we can all work to encourage and develop each boy’s uniqueness and self-confidence.


Our students’ families are important to us, and we wholeheartedly welcome parents to become involved in their son’s education. To promote open communication between home and school, we have designed our program to include regular parent/teacher interviews, a student agenda, and a mobile app for easy access to school news and homework. We also provide parents with the opportunity to join our Parents’ Association, participate in a diverse array of volunteer roles and attend information seminars that support our boys. With a maximum enrolment of 180 boys, our school community is the perfect size for students, families, and faculty to develop meaningful relationships. Students of all ages will enjoy working together within our house teams and Big Brothers’ mentoring program. Linbrook boys will develop a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie that will last a lifetime. Teaching global awareness has become increasingly important in today’s society. At Linbrook, we believe in the value of giving back to our community; therefore, we are dedicated to raising awareness about important issues, empowering one another and supporting local and regional charitable organizations. By helping our boys understand the world in which they live, we are providing them with the tools they need to be productive leaders and make a difference in their own unique way.