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Why A Boys’ School?

An increasing amount of academic research shows that boys and girls learn differently.

Our program at Linbrook School is designed to address boys’ need for movement and their natural tendency to learn effectively through humour and competition. As a result, the curriculum is customized to adapt to boys’ learning styles, and our teaching methods are designed to engage and inspire every student. For example, boys like choice in their learning; teachers may ask the class to reflect on a novel by writing an essay, creating a PowerPoint presentation or designing an informative poster.

Linbrook also offers the opportunity for boys to try new things. In the absence of girls, boys are generally willing to take greater risks, including activities like dancing, singing, knitting, Zumba, cooking and acting.

“I love that Linbrook is a place where my son can feel proud to be a boy. The school fosters a feeling of belonging for boys from the youngest to the oldest, and it inspires each of them to strive to be more. Linbrook encourages boys to be good friends and to be great learners. The camaraderie between the students from all grades and the teachers is really touching to see and feel. My Grade 1 son is really lucky to have the opportunity to attend this awesome school!”
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Parveen Sandhu