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Grades 1-4

The primary grades are an important step in each Linbrook boy’s experience.

These valuable years are when our teachers begin to focus on your son’s learning style.

The small class sizes mean our teachers can easily split the class into small groups for dedicated learning time. In their homerooms, the boys engage in their core subjects — math, language, science and social studies — and then transition to subject-specific rooms for music, physical education and art classes.

Technology is one of the core teaching tools that is used to engage the boys. For example, math is fun when it is part of a video game; it taps into the boys’ natural competitiveness and love of movement.

“Technology is a big part of our classroom; it is used to support and enhance the curriculum. Technology has to be used in a balanced way.”
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Barbie Vasilakos McRae
Grade 2 Teacher & Academic Leader