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Grades 5-8

When it’s time to graduate, Linbrook boys are ready.

Grades 5 to 8 are designed to prepare every student so they are confident heading into high school. The curriculum resonates with the boys and is specifically designed to pique their interests. For example, the boys study books with characters and themes that are meaningful to them, and then they use technology to present what they have learned. Our focus is to help the boys become comfortable when presenting in public.

Leadership development is an important component of a Linbrook education. Our boys have the opportunity to participate in Leadership League, run for Student Council, and campaign for house captain and assistant captain. 

Additionally, our students benefit from study skill sessions, lessons aimed to refine their essay writing, and opportunities to focus on their time management and organizational skills. 

In Grade 8, the teachers design lessons specifically geared to prepare them for high school. They have study skill sessions, learn how to organize their binders and calendars, and focus on their language arts skills. The boys also participate in school leadership activities that help build their confidence.

“Graduation is always bittersweet. We’ve watched these boys grow into confident young men so we have a strong feeling of pride when we see them off to high school.”
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Arti Malik
Grade 8 Teacher & Academic Leader