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The Linbrook Philosophy

At Linbrook, our goal is to help our boys reach their potential.

We keep our school population at 180 because it enables the staff to know every student in the school. In addition, we have a maximum class size of 18 students.

We know boys have different learning styles, and we respect their unique personalities. Research shows that boys learn differently and socialize in their own distinct ways. We also know through research that boys thrive in an all-boys’ learning environment.

Our program offers your son or grandson a diverse learning experience so he can explore his interests and discover his talents within academics, the arts and athletics. Though our curriculum is challenging, boys find it engaging and fun because it is taught in the way they learn best. At Linbrook, we are always preparing our boys for what is ahead and building their confidence every step of the way.

“We focus on building confidence. When boys become confident in themselves, they take more risks and achieve greater success.”
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Mike Packowski