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Grandparents’ Tea

Linbrook is a multi-generational community.

Grandparents play an important role in our boys’ development, and we encourage them to join us for assemblies and concerts. 

We have a special Grandparents’ tea that is designed just for them. During this memorable afternoon, our Grandparents are welcomed with tea, coffee and sweets before joining us for a spirited assembly.  The rest of the afternoon is spent with their grandson in the homeroom; activities include games, word searches and time spent proudly reviewing class work.   

In addition, we produce a unique and information-packed Grand Roar for our grandparents.  This publication is created in the fall, winter and spring to keep our grandparents up-to-date on school activities and upcoming events. Depending on preference, the Grand Roar is emailed or mailed to grandparents, and a hard copy is sent home with all of our students.