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“I love that Linbrook is a place where my son can feel proud to be a boy. The school fosters a feeling of belonging for boys from the youngest to the oldest, and it inspires each of them to strive to be more. Linbrook encourages boys to be good friends and to be great learners. The camaraderie between the students from all grades and the teachers is really touching to see and feel. My Grade 1 son is really lucky to have the opportunity to attend this awesome school!”
Parveen Sandhu
“Linbrook School offers a fun energetic culture which fosters boys’ learning. All boys feel a sense of brotherhood amongst the entire school from Grades K-8. The school comes together to create a loving, nurturing environment where all boys feel safe and excited to learn. Linbrook values each student and their unique qualities.”
Katie Needle
“I am happy with the academic learning process. As well, my son is happy going to school!”
Adriana Silva
“Our son has been fortunate enough to attend Linbrook for two years. We love the opportunities provided at Linbrook in addition to the strong academic focus. Whether your son is sporty, academic, into music, art, French (DELF program) or technology, there is something for everyone here. The teachers and staff have been wonderful and willing to support our child’s growth in all areas.”
Sarah Shakespeare
“Teachers look at their best all the time. They are my son’s role models. My son made great progress in Language and Science during the year. Physical Education and Music are parents’ favourites. Two concerts a year create a lot of memories for the boys. My son also had many opportunities to practise his presentation skills.”
Karen Ren
“As a family new to Canada, we came to the country with many hopes. Linbrook has fulfilled all of our expectations, not only for my son’s education, but also for his happy life with new friends and teachers. Although he only joined the Linbrook family a couple of months ago, he loves his teachers and classmates. We, as parents, are so happy for him!”
Shanna Busch
“Linbrook has created a close-knit community. Families feel at home there and feel connected to the staff members and other families. Linbrook encourages parent involvement and regularly communicates about student progress, upcoming events and ways to support the school.”
Leana Li
“Linbrook is forward thinking, inclusive, happy and a second home to our son. We feel incredibly lucky to be a part of a community that is so supportive and inviting. Every faculty member and boy says, "Good morning," and holds a door open for each other. We love that! To us it’s these small things that set it apart.”
Christen and Dave Irwin
“Friends of ours had been telling us for a long time that they thought we should send our son to Linbrook. I finally took their advice last year and can now only wonder why we waited for so long. Linbrook is THE school for boys!”
Jennifer Poole
“Everybody is so loving and kind at Linbrook. There are always interesting and meaningful activities for the kids. It has a good environment for the boys to grow up.”
Yonghong (Helen) Qu
“I love the balance of having fun and working hard. It’s okay for humour to be part of the learning environment. I also love the teamwork between staff, parents and students. There is a sense of investment in every child to fulfill their potential.”
Julie Ince
“Linbrook has a very dynamic environment. It has an excellent support structure in its staff, faculty and Parents’ Association. Amber Way has a very progressive and forward-thinking attitude, which shows in various aspects of the school.”
Yasmin Shaikh
“I love the size of the school. Our son is in SK, and he seems to know everyone in this school no matter what grade! The older boys are very much a part of the education for the younger boys.”
Mark Vandennoort
“Linbrook provides a well-balanced program with academics, sports and extracurricular activities which focus on boys’ needs exclusively. The teachers are great and encourage the boys’ creativity.”
Shi Shu
“Linbrook has absolutely changed our son’s academic experience. From the technology that supports the curriculum to the supportive and friendly culture, we continue to be delighted with his success.”
Nicole Willett
“Our son loves the faculty of Linbrook and their entire boy-centric approach to learning. We saw a huge shift in his attitude toward school when we moved him to Linbrook from another private school. He’s much happier now and doing much better.”
Mike and Tracey Henry
“Linbrook School is an amazing place for boys to learn, from the large, shady outdoor play space, to the flexible, boy-friendly furniture and the caring and energetic staff. We are thankful that our boys have a chance to learn and develop into independent, caring young men here. Linbrook’s leadership is exceptional!”
Angela Krpan
“Linbrook School should come with a warning . . . one visit and there is no turning back! What Linbrook has done for my boys is hard to articulate. Not only are they confident in their ability to succeed in their studies, they have learned incredible life skills like public speaking. There is NO other school like Linbrook. Just walk through the doors and the spirit of Linbrook is palpable!”
Trista Lockwood
“Our son has made tremendous progress, and we strongly believe in the team at Linbrook. They deserve all the credit for such positive momentum. His confidence and athletics have noticeably improved.”
Eric Belanger
"Our kids are so happy to be at Linbrook. It is the third year for us now, and their excitement and love for the school and friends is not getting any smaller. It is growing everyday. At Linbrook, every child is special. There is so much love and care provided to the boys, and they are empowered to be the best that they can be. They are recognized for the qualities and values they carry as human beings, not just as students. The focus is not only on academics at Linbrook, it goes beyond that – values, arts, music, kindness, love, help, and support. WE LOVE LINBROOK!”
Lejla and Alan Kosaric
“What we love the most about Linbrook is that it is run and taught by passionate, caring and sensitive professionals who each take into consideration the unique strengths and learning/emotional dispositions to motivate and reach the students. My son refers to Linbrook as if it’s a family, and seeing how confident and happy he has become at Linbrook, we feel the same. Thank you, Linbrook!”
Chris Brown