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French instruction begins in Kindergarten at Linbrook.

From Kindergarten to Grade 3, language acquisition is achieved through the AIM program (Accelerated Integrated Method), tapping into the boys’ natural ability to learn through movement, gestures and fun.  Drama is infused into the curriculum, in addition to incorporating singing, dancing and technology.  At the end of the school year, the boys eagerly perform in a French play for the Linbrook community. Within Grades 4 to 8, the boys engage in their French classes through formalized instruction and a variety of term projects.  They enjoy focusing on Parisian landmarks, French cuisine and culture.

The diverse opportunities across grades empower the boys to learn and grow together. It takes courage to perform in a foreign language, but their involvement builds tremendous confidence.

“Our classroom is a safe learning environment that allows the boys to bring out the best in one another.”
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Jen Simoes
French Teacher