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Kindergarten For Boys

Kindergarten is the first step in a Linbrook boy’s education.

Our two Kindergarten teachers and our educational assistant begin the day with familiar routines to ensure a positive start.

There is always excitement in the Kindergarten private school classrooms. The curriculum is built around movement. Our teachers engage the boys through hands-on learning activities that will enable them to become fluent readers by the end of Senior Kindergarten. Science is a favourite subject since the boys have opportunities to make a beaver dam, build boats, and learn about the water and soil cycle by planting beans. 

Our youngest learners have their own play area to keep them safe and engaged at recess times. They also have many opportunities to be part of the larger school culture. For example, last year our Kindergarten students helped build a model city with the other grades. As well, programs like Linbrook Buddies pair each child with an older student to build reading skills and engage them in valuable experiences while fostering new relationships.

“Our small class sizes mean we can give valuable time to each student.”
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Lisa Sommer & Carrie Head
Junior & Senior Kindergarten Teachers