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Linbrook boys are active every day. Research shows that when boys release their energy on the field or court, they come into the classroom ready to learn.

Movement is at the core of our program, so athletics are vital at every grade. Our Linbrook boys learn a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball, baseball, floor hockey, soccer, and track and field. They also engage in unique experiences, such as learning to play tchoukball, participating in swimming and tennis instruction, and even trying martial arts, yoga, skating and Ultimate Frisbee. Our athletic directors and coaches are all trained to teach sports based on the proper rules for each game, and they take the time to teach the boys the importance of sportsmanship.

Throughout the year, the boys participate in intramurals and extra-curricular sports teams, and they have ample opportunities to compete against each other, as well as other schools in Oakville. Our Linbrook campus has a gym, two sports fields, a baseball diamond and an outdoor basketball court. Four square games and additional basketball courts and soccer nets are well utilized by the boys.

Our program emphasizes a key focus on health, including nutrition, the development of the human body, mental well-being, and the dangers of substance abuse.

“Being involved in athletics is an important part of our boys’ experience. Whether they are learning new skills or improving their fitness, the boys love it!“
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Will Raham
Athletics Director