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Linbrook stands out in its innovative use of technology.

When you look inside a Linbrook classroom, you immediately see a large advanced SMART Board showcasing interactive lessons across subjects. Within the primary grades, the boys also enjoy using a SMART Table to further explore lessons in language, math and science. Research shows that technology is effective in reaching boys; these two tools allow our teachers to be creative in how they plan their lessons. For example, games can be utilized to teach important math concepts and capture boys’ interest.  As well, collaborative lessons allow the boys to work together to learn new skills in a friendly, and sometimes competitive, way.

Core instruction is taught within textbooks and during hands-on learning activities; however, technology plays an important role in supporting learning. From Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2, every Linbrook boy receives his own iPad loaded with specific applications, including storybooks, math games and spelling platforms. Once the students reach Grade 3, they work on a MacBook to master keyboarding skills, further explore subject areas, and complete detailed written assignments.  Across all grades, the boys have the pleasure of learning coding and also participating in 3-D design through the use of a 3-D printer. Importantly, a key focus within every grade is learning how to be safe online.

Technology also offers the boys choice in how they share what they learn. They can create a presentation, design a poster, or even produce a video to showcase their skills and knowledge.

“Boys are naturally geared to hands-on learning. We are constantly working with the boys to harness technology in the right way.”
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Steve Cook
IT Coordinator