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At Linbrook, we understand how boys learn.

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Engaging our boys through movement, embracing their natural competitiveness and providing a nurturing learning environment are at the heart of our approach.

Engaging Boys

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The Linbrook approach supports teaching methods and learning spaces that encourage movement, inspire the pursuit of knowledge, and offer a warm and supportive environment. With access to training by leading experts on boys’ education, our staff members understand and are passionate about how boys learn. To support a well-rounded student, Linbrook offers a diverse range of extra-curricular and intramural activities. Students will be encouraged to strengthen existing skills and also engage in new activities. In addition to a variety of sports, opportunities will include chess, photography, dance, choir, visual arts, film, music lessons, lego/robotics and philanthropy. Our teachers strive to help boys understand the world in which they live and encourage social and moral responsibility. At Linbrook, our students and their families have meaningful opportunities to actively engage in workshops and events that build a positive self-image and a sense of identity within our community.

“At Linbrook, we provide an active and supportive environment where boys are empowered to excel in academics, arts and athletics.”

Straight A’s

At Linbrook, we provide an active and supportive environment where boys are empowered to excel in academics, arts and athletics.


Academic excellence:

Linbrook boys will benefit from an academic program that provides them with a strong foundation for future learning. Within our differentiated classrooms, curriculum expectations are individualized; teachers skillfully provide support and offer enrichment to suit each unique learner. Students are enthusiastically encouraged to put forth their best effort and reach their personal goals.

At Linbrook, learning is a rewarding experience since content is meaningful and hands-on activities are regularly provided. Our diverse workspaces and student-centred instructional practices support boys’ learning styles and teach them to responsibly approach tasks. In addition, we stand by our small class sizes and proudly offer state-of-the-art technology.


In a single-gender environment, boys are often more willing to engage in a broad range of artistic activities. The Linbrook program fosters creativity by offering our students ample opportunities for self-expression. Boys may display their talents through visual arts, dance, theatre, instrumental music or vocal arrangements.


With movement at the core of our program, a top athletic curriculum is vital. Studies reveal the endless benefits of exercise, and the Linbrook boys’ weekly schedule includes multiple physical education classes. Special units of study, such as martial arts, skating and ultimate Frisbee, are woven into our athletic program. In addition, we offer a broad range of intramural activities and extra-curricular sports teams.