Linbrook School

Engage. Inspire. Achieve.

Professionally trained, passionate and experienced educators teach our boys.

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Linbrook teachers engage our boys in meaningful learning, inspire them to always do their best, and guide them on the journey to achieve their personal goals.

Passionate Educators

Linbrook families benefit from a caring and well-qualified staff, and we take pride in our exemplary team. Professionally trained, passionate and experienced educators inspire our boys’ and build upon their natural love for knowledge. Our dedicated teachers implement the Ontario curriculum within a supportive, yet challenging, academic setting. At Linbrook, everyone learns. In addition to advanced technology training, we engage in ongoing professional development with boys’ learning specialists and renowned authors. Consequently, we are able to offer our students current teaching practices that are specific to their learning styles. Linbrook boys enjoy working with devoted instructors who foster ingenuity, risk-taking and a strong sense of self.


Our Linbrook Boys

Linbrook boys proudly share a sense of commitment to themselves and their community. They confidently work within an environment that inspires creativity, fosters independent thinking and reinforces the value of strong moral character. Our boys understand the importance of teamwork; they respect their peers and encourage one another to always do their best. Linbrook students are well-rounded boys who understand the importance of good citizenship and community service.  We support their ambitions and applaud their achievements!


Future Leaders

Linbrook boys are engaged learners, independent thinkers and respectful young men.